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badass NFL squad that hails from Seattle...the Emerald City of the Northwest.
The Seahawks are a youthful team full of potential; a team on the rise.
by DR DEATH November 04, 2004
the linings of pigs' stomachs, also commonly known as tripe. Notorious in soul food cooking because on the motherfuckin' plantation whitey would only give us the shitty parts of animals left over, such as pigs and cows, so niggas had to make do, ya know what I'm sayin'? Not to be confused with chitlins, which are pig intestines.
When I visited Mississippi for the first time at age 8, I had my first soul food dish of hogmaws and chitlins.
by Dr Death December 08, 2004
A shitty football team from a town from the East Bay that used to rock in the 60's, 70's and early 80's, but hasn't won shit in over 20 years. Run by a wrinkled old beeatch named Al Davis, AKA Alholio.
The Raiders got their ass whooped.
by DR DEATH November 04, 2004
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