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To fail to reciprocate the act of oral love
Yeah man she blew me and I totally pulled a Cunningham
by Dr Danger August 31, 2010
The frequent release of loud burbs at inappropiate times
There she was getting off with that hot Swedish guy and she totally Gearyed in his face!
by Dr Danger September 01, 2010
A type of fart - typically loud but without real venum
Woo, I just dropped a Cornish Edwards!
by Dr Danger September 01, 2010
To lay a shit so impressive that you tell your friends
Man, I just laid a Rufus so big that my knees went weak!
by Dr Danger September 01, 2010
A horrendous release of gas disproportionate to the size of the releaser
Then he weeps and it smelt like death.... the funny thing is that he is so small!
by Dr Danger September 01, 2010

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