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FBP is short for "Facebook Purity". Facebook Purity (aka Fluff Busting Purity) is a browser addon / greasemonkey script that lets you remove all the junk from your facebook homepage, such as application spam, game and quiz results and also lets you change the font size, so you can actually read the text in the newsfeeds again.
Since installing FBP i can filter out all the junk i dont want to see when i browse facebook, its a real life saver!
by Dr Aculla November 09, 2010
CODBLOPS is an acronym for "Call of Duty : Black Ops" which is a Computer / Console video game, where you get to act like a soldier and shoot people and blow things up.
Man, i was up all night playing CODBLOPS trying to complete the missions so I could unlock the Zombie level
by Dr Aculla November 09, 2010
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