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When one's vagina becomes likened to one's anus, proceeding the hair.
This new anus, now known as a prinny, has the ability for this person to stand up whilst excreting.

The hairs have a tendancy to become razor sharp and harmfull.

The vagina is replaced by another anus meaning this person has no vagina but the ability to excrete waste from two seperate places, which ever would best suit the conditions.

Common syptoms of having deveploped a "prinny" are:
Excessive amounts of hair on the pubic regeion.
A frequent odour of sweat and waste.
Lots of built up stress, anger and resentment.
High amounts sexual fustration when intoxicated.

Most commonly spelt Prinny but can also be spelt Prinnie.
Also sometimes abbreviated to Prinns or Prinn.
But commonly mis-spelt as Pranny.
"After sex I realised my penis was covered in excrement, whilst checking to see if I had gotten the correct hole I discovered a large Prinny."

"Everyone knew to keep away from her as her Prinny made her have bad mood swings and terrible body odour."

"I struggle to clean my Prinny as the hairs are brittle and sharp"

"She wore nappies to stop her Prinny from scaring people away"

"I saw on the CCTV that she was goin to the toilet outside the pub I ran out to usher her away when I saw large amounts off poo fall from her vagina which was covered in wirey hairs this was the worst Prinny I have ever seen."
by Dr, Geoff Arklesiezure May 30, 2008
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