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What you say when someone (a half-friend, a leech, etc) is bothering you and keeps asking you to buy him something while you are in line at the fast food place.
Guy (Walking up to you in line): Yo, buy me something!
You: I'll buy you something alright...a ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL
Guy: I sincerely apologize. I will now serve my community and donate blood.
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
a)A Japanese person pronouncing "playstation". When you hear this, you know this playstation is the real deal.

b)The Japanese playstation port
a)I have two praystations but I never pray them

b)Damn dude, all you play are Japanese games. Why don't you just buy a praystation?
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
When you see foreign text but your browser does not have that character/font encoding, so instead of seeing Chinese/Sanskrit/Russian characters, all you see are squares.

To best handle this situation, just type squares back from your side of the conversation/forum/etc.
a)I can't understand this guy I'm chatting with. He's just talking squares.

b)Our forum got invaded by talking squares. I think they're talking about us but I can't be sure.

c)Talking squares, my WPM is over 9000.
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
To block someone from an instant messaging program, thus having the person view you as "offline" instead of being available for chat.
i)I offlined Elizabeth because she talks too much about her dogs, I don't even care about dogs

ii)I don't see him online anymore on MSN...he probably offlined me...who will take my dogs to the doctor? Can dogs use MSN?
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
a)When you have sex with a ghost

b)To masturbate
a)Before cumming when you ghost ride the dick, put your stunna shades on

b)Watch em swang, Watch em swang
Go stupid, go
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
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