1 definition by DoyToys

Someone who gets easily pissed
Whos diet connsists of baked beans,sausages and spaghetti meatballs
if u say "shup doya" u will be squashd by his pungy belly button
a koyas belly button comes out incredibilly like it is inflamed
the circumference of a koyas belly ranges from 1000000000000000000-99999999999999999999999999999
to work out the circumference=pie x diameter to the thousand
to work out the area.... well thats impossible
u have to shout incredibly loud for him to hear you as he has ears the size of a bug
there are two things u dont want to do with a koya:look at his jiggly moobies or get between him and a hannah montanna series
a koya sanwo is much like a koya
koya:angry twat
Yeah I need to get a blind a stick. I saw Doya naked yesterday
by DoyToys December 30, 2010

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