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the day after new year's day, its the day where everyone starts getting ready for school, and work after the holidays.
my mom said that on new year's boxing day i have to study...
by Downtown Wtf January 02, 2008
Once I saw the light i quit this game, at the moment the people who play this game still need a mum or dad. Andrew Gower who is apparently #31 richest in the world, has got all his customers to worship him.

Runescape is a MMORPG based in the old times, people chat about it and have fun on it. The fucktarded thing with it is that Jagex do not give a shit about it, .

Along with that, there are Quests and Minigames which you can play including: Castle Wars, God Wars and Pest Control. With that there are skills and combat where you can indulge in. Cooking is the main skill and is favourited by "skillers".

Making friends on runescape is so easy, just ask some gay retarded 3 year old to be your friend and he will say "yes plz, plz free stuff". The players of it have now become zombies and cannot wait to try out their new tactics as soon as they get home. 50 year olds play the game to get a pixel friend or wife. This is the lamest thing ever, a wedding in pixel form.

It's the most addicting game and the hardest to quit, it has connections with WoW but personally I think WoW is much better.

PKing, short for player killing is famous, so famous that Jagex decided to remove it. Before this update, you could kill people at get their items and teleport or run to safety, or share items with your PKing partner.

Membership is waste, $5 a month and you get more benefits which are shit and don't matter. £3.20 or so for the UK. Phone and Mail are used to get member pins.

Macroers are Andrew Gower's wives they spoil the game for him that he gets a spaz attack and ruins the game. If you start this game, then you better quit for the best. This game was amazing at first, but as you get on its actually boring.

Videos of runescape is all over the web and almost impossible to avoid when searching for some stuff. Players of Runescape type in 1337 all the time.

Dont play, dont delay, do it and you have to pay, make the wrong choice and you end up gay.
Andrew's son died in wildy so his dad decided to take it out. His dad was so upset when his son "bob" lost 1gp in a fight.

Runescape is gay, quit before its too late.

A 40 year male old asked me to be his bf.

I lost my plastic sword irl, time to eat my fish, oh shit I choked on the bones.

Every one wants to suck Andrew Gower's mum.

boy: I buy santa hat 20M! Please sell me, Miss Fisher!!
teacher: erm..ok nerd..

boy: Im gay
girl: me 2

I cant wait to try out new updates!!!

Oh shit my mum died, time to play runescape to clear my worries.

dad: Joe please come for dinner!!
girl: no thanks i just ate a full meal on runescape.
by Downtown wtf December 17, 2007
It's a device that produces a sound of a woman screaming. People buy them as a joke on the public or used as a way of breaking up a person's partner.

It is meant to sound like a woman getting attacked or raped.
What's loud and shrill and ruins your orgasm?
A rape alarm.
John: Look at this rape alarm that I just bought.
Dave: What does it do?
=John activates the device and screaming can be heard in the house=
Dave: What the hell?? Why would you get something like that?
John: I'm going to try to use it to get my brother's girlfriend to dump him.
by Downtown Wtf April 17, 2010
The worlds largest department store or shopping mall in the USA
which was founded in NY around 50 years ago

It's favoured by young teens and women, especially from the SFV

Other hardcore shoppers in the US love it,and people dont usually shop alone there because they like to bring friends, families, etc.. for a shopping spree they can never forget
It is found like in every state in the US and it's fuckin huge!!!!

You can get carried away, but its expensive and i mean really expensive.

Here are some of the stuff you can find at Macy's:

Beauty Products

Reasons why i hate Macy's so much

- The girls at my school keep asking me to go and help them choose a fucking hat for a fucking night out at some geeks party
(and im a boy myself, how the hell am i supposed to know)
- It's mega expensive there
- Its too busy
- When you first enter you think it has everything but when you cant find what you want...

Macy's on the other hand can be handy sometimes...
- If you shop there once you dont need to go buying stuff apart from food for the rest of your life
- Its an experience for like one time only
- You can get a $500 Macy's shopping card in the internet for like free, but u gotta put cash in it first.
1)Macy's is so fucking popular

2) Sarah: so hey like want to come shopping tomorrow?
Samantha: yeah sure where are we going?
Sarah: Macy's!!!!
Samantha: like oh my god im like gonna tell all my friends and its gonna be like totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah: please don't...

3) Bill: shit i spent like $15000 in Macy's and i could get them cheaper at Walmart

4) Tina: like oh my god the clothes section, Macy's is the best!!
by Downtown wtf August 23, 2007

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