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1. Refusing to accept something while going downhill.

2. synonym for arabian sandstorm
1. Hmm... that child seems to be in severe downhill denial.

2. Damn son ma bitch gave me some insano downhill denial last night.
by Downhill Denial March 08, 2005
A tasty dish, prepared primarily with wanksters such as arjun.
Wankstaroni & cheese only tastes good with the desired mix of desi and white-ness.

Best Served Hot, for Eleni's sake.
Mmm... mmm... bitch! This wankstaroni & cheese is da shiznit!
by Downhill Denial March 03, 2005
Quoteth I, "Jay-Z/Linkin Park...
I daresay Watson, is not it reminiscent of a nigga-cracka circus show?"
Wow, this shit is so retarded... no wonder only losers listen to this trash.
by Downhill Denial March 08, 2005

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