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2 definitions by DownWitDaKlownz

A homosexual buffalo that is a fan of the Insane Clown Posse. Beware of this beast as it can be dangerous if it feels threatened.

Like its human counterpart the juggalo, the juffalo is inbred, smelly and mentally deficient. Physical contact with the juffalo is not advisable as it may carry communicable diseases. Juffalo meat is not considered edible due to the high fat content.
On my family's trip to Yellowstone National park, we saw a herd of buffalo pass by the road. Then we saw one ugly, obese buffalo with facepaint following behind. If the park rangers hadn't been around it would have been time for a juffalo hunt!
by DownWitDaKlownz February 26, 2010
A pair of brothers who host a gay sex performance in Amsterdam entitled The Jeckel Brothers Gay Incest Spectacular!

Their performance culminates after one brother cums inside the other brother's asshole. Then they bend over facing away from one another and that brother squirts the cum out of his asshole directly into the other brother's anus. They pass the cum back and forth several times and finish with equal amounts of semen in their asses. For the finale, each brother puts his own legs behind his head and shoots the remaining cum into his own mouth and swallows.
I was in Amsterdam with my family and I can't read Danish very well. So I saw this sign for the Amazing Jeckel Brothers and thought it would be some trapeze act and took the wife and the kids to go see it. Needless to say my kids are scarred for life. Now I'm resigned to the fact that my daughters are going to grow up and be whores, and my son is going to marry a dominatrix.
by DownWitDaKlownz March 10, 2010