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An ass that is no longer enjoyable. Usually sagging, and may have wrinkles, warts, or zits.
Waddle yo budonkadont back to the corner, bitch.
by DownTheDoor March 02, 2005
When a girls got a really odorrific STD infested vagina. Deriving from stank snach.
Damn girl, you ever think about cleaning that stanch?!
by DownTheDoor May 13, 2005
A mullet mohawk

The haircut of choice for those who worship Fred Durst, and think he's the best rapper ever. Mostly impart because they are racist, and consider eminem to actually be black.
When the rally was over, and the klan member revealed the mulhawk lurking below.
by DownTheDoor May 10, 2005
A giant wave of fat on a total lard bitch.
Holy shit, butter tsunami!
by DownTheDoor March 02, 2005

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