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Yetteh is the art of an artistic and lazy yet kind and intellegent person or being who has "Yett" the "Eh". The yett part refers to the upcoming or upbringing of the person and the "Eh" refers to the laziness of the "Yetteh".
Oh look its YETT, EHHH!
Yetteh is my favorite fluffy cow!
by DovahKhin February 24, 2013
A person who own's loads of ScrubNubs on Halo Reach.

Name originating from a player on Xbox Live he has been seen in a team with "DFEX" as they go around owning on Halo Reach.

People have recently started using CitrusPipin as a phrase.
Wow! Dude your so like CitrusPipin!
by DovahKhin August 07, 2011

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