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A terrible affliction that affects lesbians. Also known as the "urge to merge," U-Haul Syndrome refers to the freakish desire of lesbians to move in together after dating for an extremely short amount of time.
Luke: Yo Cam, where's your roommate?
Cam: Oh, Anna, she moved in with her lesbian lover.
Luke: They've been together three weeks.
Cam: Oh, I know: U-Haul Syndrome. Big time.
by Dougy Fresh Cataluña December 03, 2007
Someone, generally gay, who has gained notoriety for being a person to whom gay people come out for the first time. The gay Moses leads the newbie, or person who has just realized he/she is gay, through the coming out process, parting the Red Sea - that is, conservative America.
Kevin: Dude, Jon totally just came out to me.
Doug: I told you: you're a gay Moses!
by Dougy Fresh Cataluña December 03, 2007
A gay person who has recently come out and is not yet accustomed to the gay community. He or she is generally very socially awkward because of grappling with a completely new identity and a new set of societal expectations.
Andrew: Wow, did you see that guy hitting on me just now? He was petrified.
Timmy: I know, total newbie. I thought he was adorable.
Andrew: Ehh, maybe in a few months.
by Dougy Fresh Cataluña December 03, 2007
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