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1 definition by Douglas Terrance Waterford III

As a person living in Glasgow Kentucky for two years I think it's safe to say that Kentucky is full of hilljacks, rednecks, inbreeders, and various other human rodentia. Being from the north (I'll be damned if this is a Northern state) I have heard "Yankee" comments more than enough, and often hear the "n-word" as well (discrimination is the state hobby). That is not to say that it isn't a scenic state with some nice places (Louisville, Lexington, Cinci-Metro)but I don't count them as actually being part of Kentucky. Also, the State taxes in KY are more severe than any I have encountered due to the inability of the Kentucky legislature to balance a budget. Another interesting fact is that while their motto is 'Where education pays!', teachers are not allowed a writeoff on state taxes for classroom expenses. A much better motto would be 'Kentucky - Say there boy, hows about we go over yonder and fuck ourselves sum chikens?'
1.) Northerner: "Could I ask why you pulled me over, I didn't realize I was speeding."
Kentucky Trooper: "Boy you got a purdy mouth"

2.) Kentuckian: "Boy you Yankees sho thinks you is so smart. I betchee kaint tell which of these chickens is roosters and which is hens."

Northerner: Sorry, I can't understand a word your saying.

Kentuckian: "Dey all be hens stupid, I aint fuckin me no male chickens. Gidderdun!"
by Douglas Terrance Waterford III March 28, 2005
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