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When you make a sports or athletic move to avoid, escape, or get around a defender and the move causes the defender to lose balance, miss the offender, stumble, or stare stupidly as the offensive player progresses.
1. person1: Did you see that cross over Allen Iverson put on Jordan?
person2: Yep, he broke his ankles.

2. "Get the angle, that's the ankles and there's no lookin back" - Refresh

3. Emmit Smith does a juke move to avoid two defensive players. The two defensive players collide into each other while trying to tackle the elusive Emmit. They both got their ankles broken.

4. You don't wanna see me on the ball court kid, I'll break your ankles with a wicked cross over followed by a Texas 2 Step.

5. person1: You see that spin move?
person2: Broken ankles.

by Douglas Teel October 23, 2007
1. The act of doing anything in a sneaky fashion.
2. Being dirty, grimey, and God awful sinister.
3. Being sneaky, the ways of a sneaky person
If you're playing basketball and you quitely sneak up behind someone and steal the ball, you just used PLO style to gain possession of the rock.

If you hate your boss and somehow manage to pull his wife and slap nasties with her behind his back, your style is mad PLO.
by Douglas Teel October 19, 2007
something or someone that has been present for a long time and will continue to be so in years to come
1. Phil Jackson would have said that Jordan is a fixture on the Chicago Bulls.

2. The Help Center is a fixture in the community.

3. That old country restaurant has been here for a while, it is a fixture in this neighborhood.
by Douglas Teel November 07, 2007
1. any one who desperately wants to be hard, but for whatever reason does not fit the bill

2. an idiot

3. someone who claims to be hardcore, a gangster, or a street dweller, but really isn't.

4. a rapper who capitalizes off of the gangster or hardcore image, but no longer lives like that in real life.
Clarence acts like a thug when he's with us, but when the real thugs come around he's all scared to stand up for himself.

Timmy lives in an affluent suburb, drives a Hummer that his parents paid for, and will go to college without any financial worries at all. Why is he bumping 50 cent, talking all hard, and trying to start fights? Simple, because he is a fake thug.

by Douglas Teel October 19, 2007
1. To contact someone

2. To try and seduce or pull someone, to mack someone

see holla
1a. "I'll see ya tomorrow Dave"
"Yeah, get at me"

1b. "Have you talked to Bobby?"
"Nah, haven't seen him in a while."
"You should get at him"

2. "That girl is so fucking sexy, I'mma get at her."
by Douglas Teel November 01, 2007
When gambling on an event whether it be a card game, at a casino, at a race track, etc., two or more people may choose to place a seperate bet away from the main pool of betting.
Lets say Joe, Bob, Chris, Tom, and Becky are playing a card game and they are all betting $10 a hand. Tom and Joe may get a little extra competitive and decide to place a side bet between just the two of them. They will bet the originally agreed upon $10 on a game with everyone at the card table involved and they will bet, lets say another $25 just between the two of them.
by Douglas Teel October 19, 2007
to knock on doors and run
person1: I'm bored
person2: It's so boring, there's nothing to do.
person1: I know, let's go nigga knockin'
person1: hahahaha, okay

*person1 and person2 walk up to a house, knock on the door, and run before anyone has a chance to answer it*

*person1 and person2 repeat the above process until they hit the wrong house and a big fast dude comes running out and gives them a stomp johnson*
by Douglas Teel October 31, 2007

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