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To pull a girl's panties down in public, usually when she's wearing a short skirt. Very popular in Japan.
Did you see that sharking video from Japan? That girl was pretty shocked but everyone saw her ass!
by Douglas Goldstein February 17, 2005
When one experience anal sex for the first time, it's said that you've popped your black cherry.
I didn't realize that i'd burst her black cherry last night, but she admitted this morning that she'd never taken it in the butt before then.
by Douglas Goldstein January 21, 2005
Telling a large and obvious lie for personal gain.
Even though I have a herpes sore on my lip, I'm pulling a Palin and telling her I'm a virgin.
by Douglas Goldstein September 08, 2008
A job or other task that needs to be done As Soon As Possible.
I left a memo on your desk. Deal with it right away--it's an asap'er.
by Douglas Goldstein January 21, 2005
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