15 definitions by Douglas Wayne

hornswaggling is having sex with a retard because they make noises like various type of horns.
Hey Joe want's to get lucky with some Special Olymics contestants. He loves hornswaggling
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
A ghostrider is when the lights are out during an orgy and you don't know the person who begins having sex with you.
IT got a little out of hand when everyone just began swapping partners in the dark and I ended up with a ghostrider.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
The use of hair products for masturbation. Using hair spray for gripping purposes.
You can get a tight tug with some aqua net on your dick. I really want to abuse myself tonight so I am going to try the stylist.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
Cumming onto a girls nose so that the semen drips and looks like an ice sickle.
Brett jizzed on Theresas nose and she let it drip down to hang off her nose like an Ice sickle.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
Having sex with a girl and broadcasting it late at night for your friends to watch.
I can't wait until Josh pulls a Conan O'Brian and we finally get to see him nail his chick.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
Giving oral pleasure to a retard. Downs Syndrome kids getting a Hollister from whores. Derived from the modeling agency Hollister in Florida that hires borderline retarded chicks with an ensatiable appetite for "charity". Giving back to the community the best way they can by pleasuring the less fortunate.
Kailey gave Corky a Hollister after he won the relay race at teh special olympics.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
When you are getting a blow job and teh girl doesn't want you to come in her mouth, then you don't tell her when you do cum in her mouth and then pull a piece of duct tape off your back that was hiding and put it over her lips, and punch her in the stomach so she swallows.
I was so tired of Robin not swallowing during blow jobs that I made her do the Big Gulp. Just hid a piece of tape on my back and then let the juices flow.
by Douglas Wayne October 05, 2006
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