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A lady whose sexual preferences are for those of the same sex. A carpet muncher. Tuppence-Licker. One who likes eating out.
By the time she was 23, Bella's male friends suspected she was a fish nibbler. Her female friends knew for sure.
by Dougie X June 24, 2007
Are you alone? When you need to find out if someone you are messaging is alone.
A: Wot u doin 2nit?
B: rua
A: no
B: I'll tell u 2moz
by Dougie X May 17, 2007
Your The Best. Thank some one for a specific act of kindness. (Not a general complement)
Im goin in2 d ciT 2moro.
Buy me somTIN nIs.
I wiL.
by Dougie X April 02, 2007

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