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Former Chicago radio host. Best known for his controversial 2003 interview with Justin Timberlake. His William Hung remixes helped usher in a nationwide phenonenom, for better or for worse.
Fired by Clear Channel Communications in 2005 for telling an innocuous racial joke.
Since his firing, Java Joel's favorite station is B96.
by Dougie Stylz May 28, 2005
Insincere Howard Stern rip-off artist/publicity whore.
Currently getting less than stellar ratings on Q101 Radio in Chicago, despite what his PR people may tell you.
Plays a conservative on Fox News Channel.
Marries for publicity. Trying desperately to get on the air via syndication in other major cities and failing miserably.
Mancow owes his entire career to Howard Stern.
by Dougie Stylz May 28, 2005
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