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A white woman who dates black guys.
When’s that smoke jumper gonna straighten out and get with a white guy?

by dougie fresh September 16, 2003
Performed by a pair of males, first a dead prostitute must be located, then a coin flipped. He who wins the coin toss must jump on the dead prostitute's stomach, while he who loses the coin toss places his mouth over the dead prostitute's vagina and eats whatever contents are projected forth.
Dude this ho is dead, flip a coin and we'll give her the good ol' Chicago Street Sweep.
by Dougie Fresh April 13, 2004
someone immensely bogus or salty or shady or dodgy. Can be modified with a "Rex" in very extreme cases.
That Bogusaurus just pooped on my lawn!

That Bogusaurus Rex just pooped on my grandma!
by Dougie Fresh February 07, 2005
Taken from the Television Show "Crank Yankers"; slang for the male genitalia; also see schlong, wang, cock
-"Man, I'm goin to prison, you gotta teach me how to kill"
-"Sir, I don't teach people how to kill"
-"You don't understand, you won't be gettin' a fat bat in the ass"
by Dougie Fresh December 14, 2004

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