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It's actually Rhyming Slang for Rhyming Slang.
The correct rhyming slang for "Arse" is "Bottle & Glass"
but once people knew this the term couldn't really be used anymore without offending people. That prompted people to use the slang for "Bottle", which is "Aris-totle" as a slang for the first insult. "Aristotle" became "Aris" which in a London accent sounds the same as "Harris"

This has been in common London usage for well over a hundred years in it's current form.
"Do you wanna work overtime Dave?"

"Nah, stick it up yer Harris unless you're gonna offer time and a half"
by Dougal474 October 26, 2006
mentally challenged or crazy.

an old London expression for someone either a bit simple or downright psychotic.

often found lurking in re-runs of "The Sweeney" or "Minder"
"Why is that bloke walking round in circles?"

"Dunno, I reckon he's a bit diddle-o"
by Dougal474 October 26, 2006
"Cheque" - as in Gregory Peck.

another example of Rhyming slang being used for 2 different words (this slang is also used for "neck")
"There's no way I'm gonna accept anything but cash from you son, your last Gregory bounced like a superball"
by Dougal474 October 26, 2006

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