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The main character on the old Nickelodeon show "Doug". His best friend is Skeeter Valentine and his crush is Patty Mayonaise.
What ever happened to that awesome show Doug on Nick?
by DougAHole May 14, 2005
Some wanna be Amish. It's very rare but hey it could happen.
Growing that beard and protesting electricity, what a Wamish.
by DougAHole May 14, 2005
Instrumental rock music that is very nice to listen to for a couple minutes, but in this genre the music goes on forever and doesn't know when to just finish the damn vocal-less song.
Person#1: How long did that borock song go for?
Person#2: I don't know I fell asleep after like seven minutes.
by DougAHole May 10, 2005
The wierd person in your town all the kids are afraid of/find funny. They usually have wierd habits or looks. The origin of this word is from To Kill A Mockingbird.
Person#1: Who's that wierd lady who stays in her garage all day and has crappy tag sales every weekend?

Person#2: Aww, no one, it's just our Local Boo.
by DougAHole May 09, 2005

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