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Someone who is an object of gratuitous mistreatment. This may be literal (i.e., generally treated "like a whore" but with the further refinement of being urinated on) or figurative.
"I will make you my piss whore!"

-Ivan Brunetti, in a panel depicting himself pissing into someone's mouth, in Schizo #3.
by Doug Lundquist March 15, 2007
a disgusting or objectionable person, particularly one with heavy acne
"Why don'cha be polite, ya stinkin' pus bag!" - guy in WTC in the Simpsons NYC episode

"The girl in that acne treatment commercial was a real pus bag."
by Doug Lundquist December 02, 2006
Someone who has suffered appendicitis, especially a ruptured appendix, thus filling their gut with pus.
"They took out 80cc's from that pus gut's appendix!"
by Doug Lundquist December 02, 2006

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