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Delicious and messy at the same time, causing one to enter a state of euphoria while eating.
WOW!!! That cheesesteak was so MAWMBY I could barely finish it.
by Doug Korb August 21, 2007
1.The acknowledgment of a particularly stupid or careless statement or action.

A)Person 1: "Man, you know Larry Johnson is a pretty good runningback."

Person 2: "HARK!!! you're a retard!"

B)Dating that girl was really freakin' hark!!
by Doug Korb September 04, 2007
The color of a person's mouth when they haven't brushed for a long time.
Dude, look at Brian's mouth! He's got some mad "ROY G BIV" going on!!
by Doug Korb September 13, 2007

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