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(v) to do, to place, to run, to put, to push, to pull, to fix, to travel, or perform; an all-purpose word referring to the performance of an action or performance of a task.
I'm going to douche over to the store later to pick up some milk.

My laptop battery is about to die. Can you douche my charger into the wall, please?

me: "I am getting nowhere with my paper."
friend: "Why don't you take a break and douche up the rest later?"
me: "Good idea. Let's douche over to the Mission and douche up some douchers (burritos)."

me: "Hold the elevator! Thanks."
person: "What floor?"
me: "Can you douche 3, please?"

#synonyms: go #eat #do #run #put #fix #fill in; doucher (noun)
by Douchey McDouche'emups February 12, 2009
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