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1 definition by Douche supreme

1. A man or woman who; a. only appears to be queer but is not. b. may not appear to be queer but is simply being berated by another person. c. is found to be attractive by a queer (i.e. One who is gay, Bi, and/or proclaims to be gay or Bi)

2. A person who acts, pretends or otherwise puts on the persona of a queer person with the intention of luring that person into a situation leading to verbal or physical abuse and torment
1. Chet proclaims to his younger brother "dude Billy! nice hair queer bait!"

2. Melvin suggests to his friend, "Cletus its yer turn ta be the queer bait boy. an I see one stinkin queer that needs some learnin!"
Cletus responds, "damn! that is one fagoty ass queer if i ever did see one! lets go learn him good and if he touches me i ain't gunna hold back this time"
by Douche supreme March 18, 2009