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Tiggle bitties is the cool way of saying "big ol titties". This phrase is used as a noun. obviously means that a women's breasts are rather scrumptous, gargantuant, and well shaped. Jenna jameson has tiggle bitties.
Cutler: I was walking down a narrow corridor and this women was coming down the other side.
Husby: wow really?
Cutler: Yeah and and when I passed by her, her boobs brushed me.
Cutler: It was then I noticed she had some tiggle bitties because normal boobs wouldn't have brushed me.
by Douche Bag mcgee January 05, 2007
when one person with rotten crotch, fucks another person who posses rotton crotch, thus producing an anti-viral strain of rotten crotch
He pulled a valentino with Leah, and they made a super stain of rotten crotch
by douche bag mcgee February 23, 2006
A person who continues an inane without the ability to stop while nobody is listening. i.e.- diarrhea of the mouth
I was so nervous hanging out with that girl last night and couldn't stop talking, her eyes glazed over. I totally pulled a Fehring
by Douche bag mcgee February 26, 2015

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