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(v)- The action of stating multiple "your mom" disses within a short time period.
A- Your mom looks like a dog
B- I dogged your mom
B- I did your mom while dogging
B- Stuck my dog in your mom
B- Did your mom on a dog
B- Did your mom's dog
B- Sucked your mom's dog
B- Did your mom's dog while sucking
A- I'm out....*kills himself*
by douche bag February 04, 2005
Bitch ass slutty whore... and an "a" to make it sound good... also associated with the word ramp tramp.
Danielle Pretzler
by Douche Bag March 07, 2003
In the act of gay sex, you lift ur feet up, while still in his ass, and use ur feet to whack the guy off.
-Hey do u want me to keil you?
-Sure! Just clib your toenails first.
by douche bag March 14, 2003
Ass wipe also a douche bag
Officer Ross is a pamper
by Douche Bag March 07, 2003
20 naked men tea bagging a single lucky girl
"oh my gosh, last night I got drunk at this party and woke up with a 20 sack in my face." "a 20 sack? weed?" "no 20 sacks!"
by Douche Bag March 29, 2003
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