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How does one explain cockcheese? Imagine twenty men, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a group circle. Then, all of them whip out their dicks and masturbate for three consecutive hours. The juices all land in the middle of the circle, mixing into a puddle and eventually a giant mountain of cum. After the event is over, the residue is left on the floor for a few days. And, well, you know how milk becomes like cottage cheese if you leave it out in the open for a few days? Apply the same process, and will form a similar product with the same textures and a very delicious taste. There you have it, Cockcheese.
Afterwards, Cockcheese is often scooped and placed in separate containers, ready to be sold in stores. While most enjoy this most luxurious product plain, it often comes in different variations for the more adventurous types. There is, for example, Swiss Cockcheese in which the participating males stick their dicks in the material after the cottage cheese effect, thus forming holes for a more exotic design. Or for you activist mothers out there who don't want to consume a product with the harmful effects of pesticides from participating males, we have Organic Cockcheese for an extra $1.99.
by Dorr200789 December 28, 2009
Often produced as a side product during the creation of Cockcheese, Herpes Juice is the result of a man with STD sores on his dick masturbating without a finish for five or more consecutive hours. During this time, the friction and pressure exerted from his hand will cause the sores to swell and eventually burst, causing a mix of blood and the essence of the infection to ooze out and fall to the floor. While this often mixes into cum from a cockcheese process or the eventual result from the coexisting masturbation (often mixing with the semen and creating a pink-ish colored solution that smells similar to the experience of snorting melted chicken shit), many will collect this in a jar or other sort of container. Often, both the initial red blood from the sores bursting and the blood diluted yellow from a microscopic ecosystem of bacteria and viruses will be dumped into a pot together and mixed. During the churning process; corn syrup, salt, and red food coloring are added to thicken it and cover up the tint of yellow in its color. The end result is Herpes Juice, a product with a taste that makes you feel like a rape victim who had their mouth molested by a horse's cock dipped in soggy mud. Afterwards, it is packaged into a plastic container and ready to be sold in stores as Heinz Ketchup.
Next time you're in a grocery store, you'll cringe while you're passing through the condiments section and thinking of the Herpes Juice mass produced and organized side-by-side on the shelves.
by Dorr200789 February 18, 2010

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