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One of the top ranked colleges in the world. In today's society many people think Yale is the school those who aren't accepted to Harvard fall back on while it is quite the opposite. Many educated young people want to go to Yale instead of Harvard.
The school excells over Harvard in many area's. The biggest one being Drama. Yale has one of, maybe even the best Drama School in the world. Many Famous Authors have attened and Taught at this school.
Laregly pouplarized by Gilmore Girls
The bulldog is Yale's mascot.
by Dorothy Parker November 04, 2006
A needlessly complicated and out-of-sequence morning meal, in which a small piece of ham is followed by eggs with hot sauce. Only after that do you brew coffee. The Dexter breakfast culminates in fresh squeezed blood orange juice.
My sister looks like a man, so Ima eat a dexter breakfast and cock punch Batista.
by dorothy parker February 04, 2014
A brave woman. She was the first domino in the chain of the bus Boycott. Many people find her to be an inspiration to this day.
Rosa Parks was a strong brave woman.
by Dorothy Parker November 04, 2006

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