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A prostitute who frequents the area leading to the tunnels from Manhattan to New Jersey.
Spring Street is crawling with tunnel whores on Saturday night.
by Dorothy November 14, 2004
Majorly unbelievable with a negative connotation.
You come with a great idea at work and your boss takes all the credit and even those who were there when you came up with it are willing to give him credit.
by Dorothy December 12, 2003
To move or drag one's rear end along the ground or floor. Mostly used to describe the motion a dog performs after a bowl movement to wipe off excess excrement -- using the front legs to pull his body along while in a sitting position.

Also spelled "skooch"

The dog lifted both his feet when he scooched his buttocks across the grass.
by Dorothy June 19, 2006
Neighborhood in north-central Brooklyn. Once a lower middle class Jewish neighborhood, now predominately West Indian, meaning Jamaican, Haitian, and Trinidadian. While sometimes labeled "thriving" and "energetic" because of its immigrant population, it's really one of New York City's worst neighborhoods, being both dirty and dangerous.
I drove to East Flatbush to visit my girl, but when I left her apartment my car had been stolen.
by Dorothy April 18, 2005
what a cheerleader is 24/7
I am, like, totally perky, like oh my god, like, for sure.
by dorothy January 01, 2004
A purple creature that will sometimes make its rounds in the malaysian forests of Timbuktoo.
Do not feed the Dorothy
by Dorothy March 02, 2005

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