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An oversized tract house, typically with a hipped roof, cathedral ceilings, 3 or more full baths, and attached two-car garage. Term of derision, derived from the kind of houses found in the area north of Dallas, now generalized to the rest of the country. Similar to McMansion.
My parents thought I should buy a North Dallas Special, but I couldn't stand to live in Generica.
by Dorothy April 18, 2005
Avante garde conceptual artist who added a political, earth-loving edge to the music of a Beatle she married, giving up her personal fame, until his assasination, when she grieved with all of us through music, and eventually re-emerged into art "in her own write", and as his loving, loyal archivist. One who does not compromise her integrity, who loves eternally, who is a sister always.
"Hang in there like Yoko"
"Loving him like Yoko"
"Strong as Yoko"
"Brilliant as Yoko"
by Dorothy April 23, 2005
Bentyl, a pill for irritable bowel syndrome; in large doses, can cause intoxication. So named because of the color of the pill. Bought and sold in prisons and used to get high.
When I was in the yard, I traded 1 Klonopin for 5 Blue Smurfs.
by Dorothy October 21, 2007
Acronym for "Person of Unknown Origin." Refers to a person whose racial/ethnic background is not immediately obvious. Popularized by radio personality Howard Stern.
"I thought Angelina Jolie was Asian, then I found out her father is white. I guess she's a P.U.O."
by Dorothy May 07, 2005
Hardcore ghetto on the south side of Ypsilanti, Michigan.
I think half of West Willow is in the county jail at any given time.
by Dorothy June 21, 2008
kwadippa is an old term used to replace dan's mother's unknown name when her actual name could not be determined for a round of family sims. today, the name has been shortened to "dippy", "dippa", "k-dogg" and what not...
"Hey Kwadippa, lookin fine."
by dorothy July 11, 2004
Term for breast implants.
I was attracted to Linda's big boobs, until I found out she had airbags.
by Dorothy November 14, 2004

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