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Mall Emo is the bands you see on MTV who you think are Emo, but really aren't. I.E., My Chemical Romance, The Used, Story of the Year, Dashboard Confessional, ect.
Person 1: Do you like Emo?
Person 2: Of course not! My Chemical Romance sucks, and so do all the other whiney Emo bands!
Person 1: Dude, that's not Emo. That's Mall Emo.
by Dorian Black! May 07, 2005
Thick, nerdy, horn rimmed glasses, much like the ones Buddy Holly popularized back in his day.
The lead singer of Weezer is kinda dorky, but he looks so hot in those Buddy Hollys!
by Dorian Black! April 14, 2005
When you invite men and women to a party, but no women show up, leaving you with a lot of men. In other words: Beer and sausage!

Source: Dinosaur Comics, July 25, 2003
T-Rex: Why do my parties turn into one big Oktoberfest?
Utahraptor: Oktoberfest?
T-Rex: Beer and sausage!
by Dorian Black! May 04, 2005
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