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Honourfull society of internet gamers.
They took utopiaa game beyond the usual level and through strength, honour and silence they archieved goals out of the ordinary. Fair gameplay, tireless effort and endurance made the name of the society a legend.
Hey they raped you?
No they are Absalom they don't do that.
Could I ask for a cease fire?
Yes they are absalom they will listen.
Was it a one in one war?
Of course, they were absalom
by Doran_nl September 04, 2004
Used to define the value of your assets in a computergame or your selfvalue in social status.
My networth is down due to the attacks.
My networth just went up when the guy hit on me.
by Doran_nl September 04, 2004
Slang for nOOb. Used by an incrowd of players who know more about noobs then others.
There is a slight hint of sarcasm and any comment will catch another load of sarcasm.
-Did the science attack move the warmeter?
"you mneub"
-Whats that?
"you ├╝bermneub of Beauty"
by Doran_nl September 04, 2004
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