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Noun: an incredibly sensitive, vulnerable, and all around soft guy. I'm talking silk panties, makin' baby lambs look dangerous soft. If this man drops vagina bombs on the reg, cries while he fucks, and gets caught lookin' like a victim erry day hes PROBABLY a Dano. Straight BABY THIGHS soft son.
Dano: aye yo i'm tryna blaze son
DopeBoyFresh: word how much loot you got?
Dano: none (whatta scrub)

DopeBoyFresh: dam son forreal?
Dano: chyea smoke me up kid
DopeBoyfresh: damn son
Dano: comon man wtf I'm tryna chief an i aint got shit you really gonna do me like this? shits fucked up

DopeBoyFresh: chill bitch go getta dutch n maybe you can hit the blunt

Dano:...ayo its rainin tho...
by DopestBoyFresh September 23, 2011
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