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2 definitions by DopeMcGraw

When a girl's vagina, farts...Vagina-Fart.
Jake: "Yo doo, I was plowin this chick and after guess what she did?"
Matt: "What'd she do, son?"
Jake: "Well I thought she was a breezy until she straight up flapped her wings and let out a steaming vart bro"
Matt: "Damn, son."
by DopeMcGraw March 26, 2008
Can be used in contexts of being shady, wack, stupid, retarded, or not making any sense at all...but mostly, shady.
Philippe: "This bitch is spice"
Spork Daddy: "Should we merk her?"
Matt: "Ya son, what's good?"
Philippe: "This bitch is gonna get me sent to prison, I know she's snitchin"
Jake: "I knew that bitch was spice, son"
by DopeMcGraw March 26, 2008