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A person who doesnt really fit under any other tag. An alternative person will listen to any music, as long as they like it. E.G. Rock, indie, Rap and or opera aslong as it is to their preference.
Alternative people also differ in what they wear. Bright colours, dark colours, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, hoodys or leather jackets its whatever the alternative person (lets call him Dave) feels like.
Alternative people often get mistaken for a different stereotype such as mosher or emo.

Alternative people are basically themselves, most also do not stereotype others, they just cannot find a stereotype that they themselves fit into
*Random person* " Eyyaa why you listening to that sh#t(referring to Nirvana for example.) are you a mosher or something..
*Dave the alernative kid* Nooo, i just, like it...
*Random person* Whys your hair long, you an emo or what?
*Dave the alternative kid* Nope i just prefer it.
by Dope91 March 23, 2008
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