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A shortened version of the common adage: "If you give them an inch, they'll take a yard." Used in circumstances when one has been granted a favor, but attempts to ask for more. Can be used in apologetic, self-deprecation on the part of the asking party, or in disgust by the party being asked. Usually used so that the giving party knows that they are not being taken advantage of, even if they probably are.
A - "I really need to borrow your car for the weekend so I can visit my ho in Cleveland."
B - "But you just borrowed my patent suede shoes, and my Prince Hits album!"
A - "Yeah, I know it seems like I'm taking a yard here, but it's like, important."
by dootch March 23, 2005
Used as a cute nickname for a woman with a tilted vagina, a bodily abnormality usually making her incapable of giving birth, or having sex in typical positions without a great deal of pain.
"Dude, I hooked up with Tildy again last night. She had to do the crabwalk to get me in without squeeling."
by Dootch March 01, 2005

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