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1. A place in south Jersey with lots of stoners.
2. A town lacking Wendy's.
3. A small area with a high concentration of diners.
4. Good people reside here.
1. XXXX was so messed up last night, in Marlton.
2. Dammit, we have have to go all the way down 73 for Wendy's, there should be one in Marlton.
3. Should we go to the Marlton Diner, Sage, or Medport, in Marlton (or Medford)?
4. Its good to be home, in Marlton.
by Doot Doot December 28, 2004
Noun. To have group gay sex in hotel rooms while on tour.
Oh my, those six pulled off a Shinhwa last night!
by doot doot April 11, 2005

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