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one who is constantly in a state of fail - such that they are seen as mildly retarded as a result
OMG - Dylan and Eric were such wrongoloids, since VTec kicked in yo, I see clearly that we should bow down to our azn overlords.
by Doomnation May 05, 2007
It's the malady that sets in when the user realizes "services" like Foursquare are a complete and utter waste of time.
Hey, I just became Mayor of my workplace! When do I get my pay rise?

Heh - that's only because Mary stopped checking-in on Foursquare. She has total check-in fatigue.
by Doomnation September 01, 2010
v. The act of sending an IM or instant chat to someone, as opposed to conveying information in an email, which would be 'emailing.' Etymology: Jibber Jab; Mr. T.
"I've just jibbered you the details, go over and look on your computer and let me know what you stink."

"OK - I'll jibber you from my phone when I'm at the restaurant."

"Don't bother emailing, just jibber me when you get back to your desk."

"You're flooding my chat window with IMs! Jibber me timbers!"
by Doomnation July 10, 2013
A Balcontent heckles an entertainment act from off-stage, particularly from a (soap)box or balcony. It is a neologism formed from the words 'balcony' and 'malcontent'.
Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets epitomize the balcontent philosophy of ritualized and persistent heckling.
by Doomnation November 28, 2011

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