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While in bed you immediately mount your significant other and proceed to fart on their chest while holding them down under the covers. Their reaction to the act and the smell will send them into "exorcism" like convulsions and screaming.
Me: " After she embarrassed me at the party last night I had no other alternative retaliation but to give her The Exorcism while she was sleeping."
Bro:" Nah ah dude! You were drinking Guinness all night that must have turned her into a real Emily Rose!"
by DoomHammer November 04, 2014
Japanese romanji for the English word 'town'.
Hey guys lets go down to the machi
by Doomhammer May 21, 2004
<I>"For us Metal is absolutely NOT only the music. Neither is it only a way of belonging to a social culture group, which many people think Metal is, and they call it “the Metal way of life.” Music is only a form of expression. A language. A sort of communication. But Metal, being Metal, is representing, searching and striving for particular values. It’s for us what we guess for religious people is their religion/faith/god or whatever you call it. But we do NOT believe in any controlling providence! Therefore we don’t believe in fate. We believe in actions caused by oneself. Although we always have a certain amount of belief reserved for possible influences of spiritual character. We have our very own interpretations and general way. The key to the realm of what we call Metal is--among other things--striving for inner pureness, a romantic (which means magical) beholding of life, balance and harmony within you (but even storming thoughts can generate new aspects of awakening and progression), the general insight and by that the understanding of the true nature of things, striving for trueness and honesty which lights up and embellishes one’s and others’ way of life. True Metal as music is Metal true in spirit, theory and practice. It shall not be measured by stylistic or instrumental values, but by the content! Creating art which is in such true balance with one’s personal ideology that it almost borders on madness. This is the only way. Total consistency, but also objective judgement." - Lost Horizon</I>
Death to false metal!
by Doomhammer May 06, 2005

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