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The fiercest seafaring creature to scuttle around. Pinchers of a world class lobster, a lobster fin, and the head and torso of a buffalo. Perhaps best known for its epic battle against Sharkdopus in the year of our lord 2004 and again in 2005. The battle lasting over a year caused both a major tsunami Hurricane Katrina. The Buffalobster is often placed in the same category as the lake placid type animal kingdom monsters. imagine a duck billed platypus but glorious.
Holy shit dude!! it's a godamn buffalobster!! lets get the fuck out of here!
by Doogie,theoneandonly February 04, 2011
Being Canadian is like renting the loft apartment above a really great party, a.k.a. America
Man that looks like fun, too bad we're canadians
by Doogie,theoneandonly February 04, 2011
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