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Has an EXTREMELY large penis. Someone who has a ginourmous cock and is revered as a great love maker. A navaroli loves to have sex especially with young, sexy women with awesome bodies with exeptionally large tits and a smokin hot face. A navaroli prefers married women and women who have boyfriends because it gives him a sense of adventure. It is a scientific fact that navarolis cause women to have AMAZING orgasms and can make any woman fall madly, sexually in love with him just by looking at him.
Girl 1: That guy is such a navaroli.
Girl 2: I know, I wish I could have hot, sweaty, orgasmic intercourse with him.
Girl 1: Me too, I also wouldn't mind giving him and his huge dick a blowjob.
Girl 2: You said it!
#big penis #ginourmous cock #sexy #sexually active #boner #loves hot women
by Donut Piss December 23, 2011
Racist towards just about every race, creed, religion, color, gender EXCEPT white christian males. People who believe in schitzpol are ALWAYS white christian males who share a common hatred for anyone that's different. Nazis are cuddly teddy bears compared to schitzpol. Their cult reads, "All heil the mighty schitzpol! All non-white, non-christian, non-males deserve to die. Niggers, yellows, spiks, bitches, savages, charlies, and katie kuric all deserve to die. Bono sucks ass. Women are only good for one thing, sexual pleasure and making babies."
Guy 1: Those schitzpol people are so fuckin racist.
Guy 2: Fuck you, you nigger. I'm in the schitzpol cult.
#racism #narcism #atheism #niggerism #segregation #anti-seminism #prejudism #niggers on a plantation #anti-latinoism #anti-muslimism #anti-buddism #anti-hinduism #anti-nigger #anti-womenism #anti-homosexualism #anti-europeanism #anti-blacko #anti-dickunder8inches
by Donut Piss December 24, 2011
1.) A word to describe nothing.

2.) To take a big, long piss.

3.) Your worst nightmare
1.) Today I sat on the couch doing griessel.

2.) I just griesseled all over the floor.

3.) That guy over there is a total griessel, he scares me.
#scary #nothing #piss #urine #lazy #phsychotic
by Donut Piss December 23, 2011
To exist without religion or faith of any kind.
That shamoun is such a cynical asshole.
#don't care #no remorse #atheism #asshole #bono
by Donut Piss December 23, 2011
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