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2 definitions by Donttellmumthebabysittersdisco

Nexting is used in Chatroulette when either 'You' click the 'Next' button moving onto the next 'Stranger' or when the 'Stranger' nexts 'You'.

Nexting as a phrase is now used when out and about, you hypothetically 'Next' the persons you are talking to or see in the room until you find a stranger you consider worth talking to.
"Shall we next this stranger?"
by Donttellmumthebabysittersdisco February 21, 2010
Twit That! said with sarcasm cuts down to size someone who delivers a short quip or witty statement with which they are ridiculously self satisfied.
Person A "Humus is the savoury spread of the middle classes"
Person B "Twit That!"
by Donttellmumthebabysittersdisco February 23, 2010