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Dumb sluts. They think they can drink, and they try to drink, then they pass out in puddles of their own puke, after fucking just about anybody whos willing, or drunk enough to have lost all self control(myself included, although I'm not particularly proud). I've never met one that I had any shred of respect for, cuz even the ones that are almost intelligent think its hot to act like dumb bitches. Also, on average, they are not really that hot, and the ones that are are the most annoying of all. Furthermore, the only good thing about gym meet is stealing signs, egging shit, and generally fucking up the program.
slut: hey lets go upstairs
me: (does shot) no, im busy
3 games of ruit, some shots, a a kegstand, and a lot of seduction attempts later:
slut: cmon baby, please come with me
me: fucking alright, I give up, you broke my will
by Dons '04 July 11, 2005
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