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Etymology: Coined as a descriptive term after an adulterous confession on a UK clubbing website, the slang word is now informally used to describe illicit, drunken sexual intercourse with someone other than your partner.

1. to cheat on one's partner. Cheating
2. to make a series of mistakes, each one more incredulous than the last, to the amusement of others
3. to air one's laundry in public
4. to embarass one's girlfriend by letting everyone know personal details
5. to use an internet confession as a means of boasting about ones sexual prowess

The Moyseyer' or 'Moysey' is usually in a relationship with a girl other than the "Moyseyee".
Traditionally the Moyseyer will then describe at length, the sordid details of his exploits, whilst attempting to assassinate the character of the "Moyseyee". This course of action will usually come about as a way of attempting to clear the Moysers own name due to unsolicited information being made public by a third party with dubious intentions.
An example of text using the verb:
We began kissing, which then turned into more passionate kissing and then eventually me going down on her. I've been told that she states she was trying to keep her knickers on however I remember quite clearly this not being the case. They actually came off very easily; she even helped me remove them After going down on her on her bedroom floor, we moved to the bed where we then had sex in 2 or 3 positions. Sleep followed shortly after because by this point it was almost 6am.
I have been told today that she claims that she was paralytic at the time (true - as was I) and not conscious of what "I" was doing to her. She also claims that she woke up with me on top of her. Which is complete and utter bollocks - she was 100% awake - the whole time.... she was wide awake when i licking her snatch, wide awake when i was fucking her.... and also surprisingly WIDE AWAKE when she put her legs over my shoulders so i could fuck her even harder...something that she told afterwards - "My last boyfriend never done me like that" (sic)

In short, I gave her a right good old Moyseying
by Donovan "van" May 15, 2007

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