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It's a slang term in Russian for a download, more so a desirable one.
"To skachat the program"
by DonnyBoy January 18, 2007
Reference to a skank or skanky bitch.
"This ISPQ bitch has a mad skank chamber on cam!"
by DonnyBoy January 10, 2007
Low quality female dating material that doesn't please the male liking.
"I'm outta here, nothing in this bar but skank chicken."
by DonnyBoy January 21, 2007
N. A very funny movie, produced, directed and starring Comedian Eddie Murphy from Brooklyn, New york that debutes Feb. 9th, 2007. Hysterical!!!
"You watch Norbit? Shit yeah! Funny as hell!!!"
by DonnyBoy January 22, 2007
Basically a program in most prison systems that allows a badass to parlay on the outside for the week before going back to the yard on weekends to show and register time served.
" ...it's like work release, on the f***in police"- Keith Murray
by DonnyBoy January 20, 2007
A chick who carries a broken condom for her partner.
"You buy some cheap ass rubbers, you some kinda roby rubba bitch? LOL!"
by DonnyBoy January 13, 2007
It's an abbreviation for Western New York Dating or a means of dating in The Western part of New York State.
"I met him on wnydate and we met for the first time, it was wonderful", Sara explained.
by DonnyBoy February 08, 2008

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