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Caribs,Caribbean,West Indies.

1.People of the Aboriginal Indian, Carib tribe of the West Indies.

2.Descendants of African,Arabs,Chinese,European and South Asian Indian Migrated peoples who reside in the Caribbean Region.

3.The Caribbean Islands, located in the tropics, extends in a broad arc of over 4000 km from the Bahamas in the north
,near north America, to Trinidadin the south near south America The countries are widely different in physical and population size as well as landforms and geology.
The Carib tribe of the west Indies.
Nationals of the Caribbean.
The Geography of the Caribbean.
by Donny Ramsoondar July 04, 2004
Indian Music originating from the Caribbean Islands.

Made popular by the "King of Chutney Music" Sundar Popo!

A favourite Among Indo-Caribbeans in New york,Miami and London.
Chutney music is a hybrid of Latin/African/European Pop and Indian Classical musical styles and is from the Caribbean States of Guyana and Trinidad.
by Donny Ramsoondar July 04, 2004
1.People of Indian Descent who reside in the Caribbean Region.

2.Someone whose Indian Ancestry is from the Caribbean region.

3.the Minority Culture of the Caribbean Islands.

4.The Descendants of Indentured Servants.
Indo- meaning; of originating from India.
Indo-Caribbean - meaning; of Indian and the Caribbean.

Indo- Caribbean- meaning; of culture, Chutney Music, Ghazals,Bhajans.

Indo Caribbean- Meaning East Indian descendants whose origins are from Northern India; Bihar,Uttar Pradesh,Gujerat,Kashmir and
Southern India e.g Tamil Nadu.

also try East Indian/West Indian of the West Indies.
by Donny Ramsoondar July 04, 2004

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