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staged performances of drama with actors developed by Ancient Greeks, died with the Walt Disney Corporation's acquisition of Times Square, NY
With every performance of High School Musical Live, a Meisner method actors head explodes and another studio apartment converted into a theatre space is closed...which isnt that bad after all
by Donny Fleischer April 12, 2010
Those who persue the field of art mostly because they are so uninteresting and cannot carry on a conversation with the common person. They instead insist on "expressing" themselves with their "art."

Their unoriginal works of "art" will never be able to afford them the personality implants necessary to function outside of the campus environment.

Commonly referred to as introverted snots that mistake funky hair and trendy clothes for individualism.
Art students can usually be found in any coffee house or college student union.
by Donny Fleischer March 09, 2010
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