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Literally: pip, nugget, pumpkin seed
Figuratively: in Mexico refers to the clitoris
"Chupame la pepita" (suck my clit)
by Donna W September 27, 2007
Litterally: states of confusion

Figuratively: the USA...that should have been obvious.
"Me gusta mucho viviendo en Los Estados Confundidos"
by Donna W September 27, 2007
A mean prank, or evil act.
"me hicieron una putada" (they tricked me)

Le robaron la cartera, qué putada! (He got pickpocketed, what fucking luck!)
by Donna W September 27, 2007
Mexican slang for gay or homosexual. Variation on "quebrachon" Also one of three types of tree in the Gran Chaco region of South America used medicinally.
Mira el hombre tan bonito. Debe ser quebracho.
by Donna W September 26, 2007

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