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One who is both a cheese dick and a douche bag. The kind of guy that not even a mother could love.
After some examination, I have determined that that guy is a cheese douche.
by DonkeyNation August 20, 2008
I group of men who set out to be the most intoxicated people in the streets while acting like fools in all circumstances. The group originated in New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 1990's and has spread to Southern California and Europe.
That must be the Donkey Nation. No one else would behave so poorly.
by DonkeyNation August 21, 2008
The worst of all cheese dicks, or to some, the best of all cheese dicks. The cheese dick that creates the most cheese. Current Grand Cheese Wizard Chris C.
That guy is not only a cheese dick, he is the cheese wizard.
by DonkeyNation August 20, 2008
A cheese dick who is trying very hard to become the cheese wizard. One who is very skilled at being a cheese dick. What Chris C. was before he was the Cheese Wizard.
That guy is a real cheese beast for throwing his buddy under the bus to get that raise.
by DonkeyNation August 20, 2008

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